1. Is EZ Diet Halal certified?
We have received Halal certification from JAKIM and we continuously ensure our central kitchen operates according to JAKIM Halal standard. 


2. Where does EZ Diet deliver to?
Currently, EZ Diet only delivers to Klang Valley. For further confirmation on our coverage area, do contact our Customer Service at 03-48208841 or 016-2558841 (both office hours only) and provide us with your postcode. 


3. What are the delivery times?
Delivery will be done ONLY on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. After confirmation of your order, our Customer Service representative will be in touch to confirm your delivery day. There will be NO DELIVERY on Sunday and Public Holiday. You will be provided with a tracking number to track your parcels. You will also receive a text message from our delivery partner within 1 hour before your parcels reaches your doorstep.


4. What will happen if there's no one to receive the delivery that day?
You will receive a sms an hour before delivery. You may call that number if you cannot receive the delivery that day.


5. How is the freshness and taste of the food preserved?
Our meals are prepared, cooked and freshly packed through the means of vacuum sealing before being chilled in our cold room. We will then transport your meals with our delivery partner by chiller truck to ensure the freshness and preserve the quality of your meals. 


6. What do I do once I receive the meals?
Immediately refrigerate them in the coldest section/chiller of your fridge.


7. How long will the food last if not kept refrigerated?
3 hours


8. How does EZ Diet calculate its nutrition fact?
Our meals are designed by dietician and nutritionist. Every calculation is done in details by our team of professionals.


9. Do you use any artificial flavours, preservatives or additives in the food preparation?
We do not use artificial flavours or preservatives. Our meals are prepared fresh with high quality food ingredients dedicated for a healthy lifestyle.


10. How much weight will I lose after consuming EZ Diet meal plans? What is your assurance?
70% battle of weight loss starts from the meals we consume and the rest depends on your physical activity, sleep, age factor and etc. A healthy weight loss rate is approximately 500gm to 1kg a week but we have had testimonials from customers that lose up to 3kgs in a week. However, results will vary among individuals based on their age, lifestyle and fitness activity. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you perform some physical activities to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


11. When will I notice result?
If you are committed to maintain and stick only with our EZ Diet meal plan, you will definitely see results within the first week of consuming our plan. Know that the scale is not the only indicator to measure your weight loss. Other than looking at the numbers, tap into your energy levels and health for clues that you are starting to lose weight. Usually within the first week, you will notice small changes for example your pants/jeans zip up more easily, reduction in volume of your cheeks, your body will feel lighter and more energetic. Further into weeks 2 to 4 of your healthy diet lifestyle, your blood pressure and cholesterol level tend to improve and this can further be confirmed with a visit to your Doctor for detailed checkup. In addition, a tape measure can further confirm that you have definitely lost weight by measuring around your waist, arms and thighs. 





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