by @borzack : My 2 months #transformation. I made slight result, which is great. Little results are better than none. Still have a looooong way to go!
Healthy meals - #ezdiet

by @fa.theme.ma : Thank you ezdiet for making a life of a temporary OKU much easier. Obviously i dont have to think about cooking/buying my foods. Talk about having to save my time & being healthy too! #ezdiet #healthyfood

by @sazzyfalak : Meals for the days sorted!! Thanks to @ezdiet.A wholesome healthy diet. Can tomorrow come faster please.


by @nash_idruslvg : Loving this yummy feed. Pasta, capsicum & gravy by @ezdiet for dinner.

by @nuruldepp : My healthy dinner from ezdiet. It taste yummy. Thanks @ezdiet.


by @sharifah_sakinah : Say yeah to @ezdiet kerana provide sakinah with healthy food. Reheat dalam microwave lepas tu makan.

by @natashahudson : Yay, a new healthy diet program starts today!. Nak supply makanan sihat yang snenag dan mudah. Boleh order terus dengan @ezdiet. Super yummy and obviously improve our health and diet.

by @nash_idruslvg : Meanwhile... at the kitchen of @ezdiet. SUper healthy 5* food at super affordable price made available for Malaysians. Belum cuba belum tahu.

by @nanaahaleq : Jeng Jeng Jeng.. So since next week I will be super busy... And yes because I have a dinosaur tummy.. I got myself these so I can munch these delish healthy meals when I am on the go!

Does it meet my macro? Not really...But it does keep me fuel up before I have the chance to stuff myself with ma salmon n chicken breast!

by @therealfafau : ini cerita bila dapat "clean food"dari @ezdiet maka sepanjang ninggu rasa happy sebab badan tidak dipenuhi dengan minyakdan garam/gula yang berlebihan.