Is EZ Diet Halal certified?
We have received Halal certification from JAKIM and we continuously ensure our central kitchen operates to the JAKIM Halal standard. 


How does ezdiet calculate it's nutrition fact?
Your meals are designed by dietitian and nutritionist. Every calculation is done in detail by our team of professionals.

How are the freshness and taste of the food preserved?
Your meals are prepared, cooked and freshly packed through the means of vacuum sealing before being chilled in our cold room. We will then transport your meals with our delivery partner by chiller truck to ensure the freshness and preserve the quality of your meals. 


Do you use any artificial flavors,preservatives or additives in preparation of the food?
We do not use artificial flavours or preservatives. Your meals are prepared with high quality food ingredients dedicated for healthy lifestyles.


What are the delivery times?
After we have confirmed your orders, you will be provided with a tracking number to track your parcels in real time. You will also receive a text message an hour before your parcel reaches your doorstep. Typically, you may expect your meals to be delivered the next day if payment is made before 2 p.m.

The kitchen is closed on every second Saturday and every Sunday. However, you may place your orders and our Customer Service representative will contact you on Monday for your delivery schedule. 

There will be NO DELIVERY on Sunday and Public Holiday.


Delivery areas?
We cover most cities and states. You can confirm the delivery availability on our website on the postcode search box before proceeding to payment option.


How much weight will I lose after consuming ezdiet mealplans what is your assurance?

70% battle of weight loss starts from the meals we consume and the rest depends on your physical activity, sleep, age factor and etc. A healthy weight loss rate is 500g a week. It is highly suggested that you perform some physical activities to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What will happen if there's no one to receive the delivery that day?
You will receive a sms an hour before delivery. You may call that number if you cannot receive the delivery that day.


What are the nutritional differences between The Special Weight Loss Program and The Executive Meal Plan ?
Special weight loss program was carefully designed in detail to accelerate weight loss. They have two different sets of menu, different calorie count and different ingredient used.

When will I notice result?
If you maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, you will first notice through your senses. You will feel healthier. Maintain the healthy lifestyle and you and others too, will notice your transformation visually.


How long Will the food last if not kept refrigerated?
3 hours



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