The excitement is just two more weeks away! Soon Ramadhan will be over and all of Malaysia will be swinging to the good ol’ Sudirman’s “Balik Kampung”. Across the country many are already prepping up for the long awaited exodus home in anticipation of the joyous Raya celebration.

While I can’t help but be super excited for our fellow Malaysians, especially our Muslim friends, still I must say, the need to emphasize the importance of safe driving is paramount, now that everyone is all geared to make that “Balik Kampung” trip soon.

So to safeguard your journey and ensure you have a wonderful trip home, take our advice lah and follow this useful tips as you journey on.


Balik Kampung – 5 Important Tips To Make It Through The Exodus


1.Get your car road-trip ready!

A simple advice but most often taken for granted. Before you leave, be sure your car is ready for the journey too. Having car problems on the road will impact not only the driver, but the passengers who might get upset and cranky as well as disrupt other road users making the trip home too. So to avoid any discomfort as much as possible, get prior basic checks on your car.

The best way to safeguard for your road trip is to get a mechanic to give your car a full inspection, at least a week or two before you hit the road. Here are some important car checklist to note:



  • Tyres

Get your tires inspected. Check for pressure, ensure it is well-balanced and aligned.


  • All Liquids Topped-up

Ensure all fluids in the car are topped up, i.e. oil, battery water, radiator water, brake fluids and etc… This is important to avoid any road hazards.


  • Brakes

Brakes, brakes, brakes! Not to be taken for granted. Based on your manufacture’s recommendation of course, it is important to check your brake fluids to see if it is cleared from any contaminants.


  • Lights / Indicators / Horn

Make a quick test on your headlights, rear lights, brake lights, indicators and horns to ensure it is intact and in good shape for the road.


  • Wiper Blades

Take a look at your wiper blades too, to see if it is in good condition.


  • Seatbelts

Don’t leave the seatbelts off! According to the most accident stats, people who have a higher chance of getting killed in a road crash are those who don’t have their seatbelts on. So check your seatbelts for wear and tear.

2.Plan your trip

According to road fatalities in Malaysia for 2016 is predicted at over 8,000 cases. Therefore it is advisable to plan your trip ahead, by simply using Google Maps or Waze to know where you are headed, always plan your travelling time so you will not be giving others a heart-attack with your Formula 1 skills down the highway, and not-to-forget – plan your trip expenses as well, so you will have sufficient funds to cover for your petrol and toll trips. This way you will reach your destination without effort.


3.Make a pit-stop at the rest house

Pull over at the nearest rest house if you have too. If you are feeling tired, heavy-eyed or drowsy – take rest! It is important to not ignore the signals. Driving in an unfit condition puts not only you, but your family and other road users at risk. So take rest if you have too.

To avoid crashing into another car, keep a safe following distance between your car and the onward car to avoid any collision. Plus you never know when a driver accidentally breaks in a traffic. Be cautious. It could save you and loved ones from an unwanted accident.




5.Get a basic life insurance

Honestly, nobody ever thinks about protection but truth is, life is sometimes full of uncertainties.  And so it is important to be prepared just in case you hit rough weather. With a simple basic life protection you can have all the unnecessary weight of your chest, like important financial decisions should anything happen, and in this case – a sudden accident.


CREDIT : learnmyprotection